Pluto's atmosphere and background stars

Pluto’s backlit image and a possible star occultation

Few hours ago NASA released a bunch of new images of Pluto received from New Horizons. Three of those images show a breathtaking backlit picture of Pluto and clearly put in evidence the dwarf planet’s atmosphere. The image shown here was been obtained by manually stacking the three backlit pictures and enhancing the contrast, in…

Pluto and Charon Jul 9 2015

Pluto showing more details from 5.4M km

This image is not new at all, and of course is not the best one that has been published, but it was just impossible to resist playing with the latest published images from New Horizons and creating our own version. The attempt here is to enhance both Pluto’s features and the background stars.

Pluto and Charon Jul 7, 2015

Pluto from 12.5M km

Great news! New Horizons is back to operations after the issue that affected its main computer a couple of days ago. Today the New Horizons team published a set of pictures taken on Jul 3 (before the computer issue) from a distance of 12.5M km from Pluto. Theose images show a lot of interesting features,…