First Moon test with the Canon SX60 HS

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The SX60 HS is the new superzoom camera released by Canon just few weeks ago. The camera features a 65X zoom, or 1350mm equivalent, which makes it quite interesting for taking pictures of the Moon. My SX60 HS just arrived yesterday and this evening I’ve got the chance to do a quick test with Moon photography.

The seeing this evening was pretty bad since the sky was cloudy, and the Moon was very low over the horizon. Further I did not have a very solid tripod so I had to use a poor, not very stable one.

I set the camera in manual mode and, to be able to shoot at 1/125” speed, I had to choose a non ideal ISO 400 because, being so low on the horizon, the Moon was not not very bright.

With the camera in continuous shooting mode, I took 93 photos in JPEG format. When shooting in JPEG mode, the SX60 HS has a quite fast frame rate, about 7 fps, so it took just about 15 seconds to acquire all the frames. Using RAW was not easily feasible, as fps is as low as 1 fps in this case (due to the time required to save the large RAW files).

I aligned and stacked the frames using RegiStax 5.1, and then finalized the processing in Photoshop to obtain the image below.

Moon with the Canon SX60 HS

Moon with the Canon SX60 HS

Considering that this was just a very quick test done in non ideal conditions, I was pleased by the result. Overall I’m quite happy about the image quality of this camera, even if a bit of chromatic aberration is visible in the image above and noise was quite visible at ISO 400 on each individual frame.