Image of Comet 2013 UQ4

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This image of Comet 2013 UQ4 taken on Jun 28 2014 is the result of combining 19 different exposures, 90 seconds each, for a total integrated exposure of about 28 minutes.

Comet 2013 UQ41

Comet 2013 UQ4

2013 UQ4 is an interesting object because, at discovery in October 2013, it was initially classified as an asteroid, but started showing a comet-like behavior few months later (May 2014).

This recent image shows very clearly a typical comet-like coma and tail. As the object is quite close to Earth (81 million kilometers right now) it’s apparent motion is fast and it is causing the long stars trails visible in the image.

2013 UQ4 will reach the closest approach to Earth on Jul 10, 2014 at a distance of 47 million kilometers. At that time it’s brightness it’s expected to peak as well.