The Supernova in UGC 5055

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The tiny barred spiral galaxy at the center of this image is called UGC 5055 (UGC is the acronym for “Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies”, a catalog containing about 13000 galaxies in the northern emisphere) and the bright dot very very close to the nucleus is a recently discovered supernova (discovery date February 8), now officially named SN 2014R.

Supernova SN2014R in UGC 5055

Supernova SN2014R in UGC 5055

Galaxy UGC 5055 is distant 339 million light years from Earth, which means that the light of the explosion traveled for 339 million years before reaching the sensors of the CCD camera.

From this image it is evident how the brightness of the supernova is similar to the brightness of the nucleus of the galaxy, which means, very roughly, that the supernova is shining like many billions stars,