Comet C/2013 V1 Boattini on Dec 29 2013

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Comet C/2013 V1 (Boattini) captured on a 300 seconds exposure on Dec 29 2013.

C/2013 V1 (Boattini) on Dec 29 2013

C/2013 V1 (Boattini) on Dec 29 2013

The comet is currently 220 million kilometers from Earth and 331 million kilometers from the Sun. It appears very small, around 11th magnitude when compared with nearby stars, probably a bit brighter than JPL ephemerides prediction for total magnitude, which is around 13.6.

C/2013 V1 brightness is expected to increase until April 2014, when the comet will pass it’s perihelion (on Apr 21).