Image: Comet 290P/Jager

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This image captured on Dec 23 2013 using iTelescope Telescope 11 (508mm diameter, f/4.5), shows periodic comet 290P/Jager close to Star Hipparcos 31771 (magnitude 5.57). The viewing conditions were not ideal because of the presente of the Moon, and also the telescope focus turned out to be not perfect in this image.

Comet 290P/Jager on Dec 23 2013

Comet 290P/Jager on Dec 23 2013

Comet 290P is currently an object accessible to small telescopes, being around magnitude 10.5 – 11, and it is in excellent visibility conditions in the Northern emisphere.

290P/Jager is a periodic comet, with an orbital period of 15.2 years and it is currently approach it’s next perihelion, which is happening on Mar 12 2014.

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